Iconic Land Gifted to Obed Wild & Scenic River by The Nature Conservancy

Wartburg, TN (2018-06-27) Obed Wild and Scenic River recently added a tract near the Lily Bluff Overlook.  The parcel was donated by The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

Scenic vista in the Obed Wild and Scenic River

The Nature Conservancy recently conveyed a 63-acre tract of property near the Lily Bluff Overlook to Obed Wild and Scenic River, the park’s most iconic and heavily visited viewing point.  A short walk out to the extensive boardwalk at Lilly Bluff gives visitors the chance to experience the soaring cliffs and rugged beauty of the park first-hand.  This gift ensures the preservation of the viewshed from this remarkably scenic location.

“The Nature Conservancy is thrilled to have the National Park Service accept this property, which can be viewed from the Obed Wild and Scenic River’s Lilly Bluff Overlook,” said Terry Cook, Tennessee State Director of The Nature Conservancy.  The organization acquired the land four years ago with funds provided by an anonymous donor who loved the Obed River.  “The Obed River corridor is one of Tennessee’s most gorgeous and biologically rich landscapes, and one that TNC, the National Park Service, and many partners have worked tirelessly to protect for over 50 years,” he added.

The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to “conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.”  TNC has supported conservation efforts in 72 nations around the world and in all 50 states.  In Tennessee alone, TNC has worked to successfully protect more than 300,000 acres.

“The Nature Conservancy is an important partner in protecting the Obed Wild and Scenic River,” said Superintendent Niki Stephanie Nicholas.  Efforts like those by the Nature Conservancy have been important to preserving the Obed landscape for future generations.  “We couldn’t be more appreciated of their support,” she concluded.