Robbins Woman Accused of Forging Checks, Vandalizing Car

Oneida, TN (2018-05-15) A Robbins woman who allegedly cashed bogus checks at a local ATM and stole thousands of dollars is facing forgery charges.  In a totally unrelated incident, she has also been charged with allegedly vandalizing a female adversary’s car.

Rebekah D. Ross

Rebekah D. Ross, 26, of Robbins was booked into the Scott County Jail last week following an investigation into allegations that she cashed three bogus checks at a local bank last July.  According to an arrest warrant written by Investigator Dustin Burke of the Oneida Police Department, Ross allegedly cashed the three checks over a four day period at an ATM belonging to Citizens First Bank.  Authorities say that Ross knew the checks were bad, and she collected more than $4,000 from her actions.

The three checks reportedly totaled $4,979.28, and authorities say that Ross pocketed $4,014.82. Two of the checks were reportedly written on a company in Griffith, IN, while the largest ($3,000.00) was written on a title company in Virginia Beach, VA.  Authorities say the bank was able to stop payment on a least one of the checks, preventing Ross from getting all the money.

Just days after wrapping up the investigation into the forgery allegations, authorities responded to a complaint that Ross had vandalized a vehicle.  Authorities say that Ross was the person who smashed the windshield and side window glass out of a vehicle that reportedly belonged to female rival.  She is also accused of writing a defamatory message on the driver’s side door, and tossing the victim’s belonging out onto the lawn.  The entire incident was reportedly captured on a home video surveillance system.

Ross was charged with forgery, criminal simulation, theft over $1,000, and theft under $1,000 (two counts) on the first incident.  On the latter, she was charged with vandalism of between $1,000 and $10,000.