County Inmate Allegedly Caught with Marijuana

Huntsville, TN (2018-05-08) An inmate at the Scott County Jail is facing new charges after authorities allegedly found marijuana and tobacco in his cell.

Marc A. Troxell

Marc A. Troxell, 30, who is an inmate at the Scott County Jail, was booked on additional charges on Monday following a search of his cell by corrections officers.  According to Officer Jordan Chambers of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, authorities found two small pouches hidden in a sock near where Troxell was sleeping.  One of those pouches allegedly contained tobacco—the other marijuana.  Officers found the illegal weed while searching the facility for batteries that had been stolen from a television remote in the inmate education room.

Troxell was in jail for allegedly stealing medication from an Oneida man.  According to an arrest warrant penned by Investigator Dustin Burke of the Oneida Police Department, Troxell allegedly entered the home of an Oneida man on April 30, 2018 under the pretense of needing to use the bathroom.  The victim’s son told authorities he caught Troxell in his father’s bedroom.  Troxell was told to leave the residence.  The victim later returned home and found his bag of 13 prescription medications was missing.  Troxell was booked on theft of under $1,000.

In the latest incident, Troxell was charged with simple possession of marijuana.