Winfield Man Charged in Road Rage Incident

Huntsville, TN (2018-04-27) A Winfield man that allegedly stopped his truck in the middle of the highway and attempted to confront another driver has been booked on drug possession charges and traffic violations.

Donnie P. Davenport

Donnie Davenport, 35, of Winfield was booked into the Scott County Jail on Thursday following a road rage incident just south of Oneida.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Deputy Shane Blevins of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Davenport allegedly stopped his northbound pickup in the right lane of Scott Highway just south of the Oneida city limits, forcing another northbound vehicle to stop in the roadway.  He is then accused of getting out of his vehicle, walking back to the other car, and attempting to start an altercation with that driver.

Ironically, Davenport was the one who stopped the cops.  In his report, Blevins says he was attempting to turn south on Scott Highway from the parking lot of the Scott County Food Court, when Davenport stopped and approached him.  Davenport reportedly told Blevins that the other driver had attempted to run him off the road.  Another motorist that witnessed the events, also stopped and shared a strikingly different story.  Authorities say the witness claimed that Davenport had been driving at a high-rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic.  In her statement, the witness said Davenport got in front of the second vehicle and stopped.  He then allegedly walked back to the car and attempted to open the door.  The unidentified driver of the second vehicle reportedly backed up, drove around Davenport, and continued on.

Authorities say Davenport was acting nervous, moving around, and couldn’t stand still.  Davenport produced a Kentucky identification card, and reportedly admitted to authorities he had lost his driver’s license because of a prior DUI.  Dispatchers confirmed Davenport’s Tennessee driver’s license was suspended.  Authorities say they also found a pill bottle containing a piece of a Suboxone strip and two Clonazepam tablets in his pocket.

Davenport was charged with possession of schedule III and IV controlled substances, reckless driving, and driving on suspended license.