State Attorney General Drops Opposition to Opioid Lawsuit

Jacksboro, TN (2018-04-12) The State Attorney General has dropped his opposition to the filing of a lawsuit by six District Attorneys General against opioid manufacturers.

On Tuesday, the State Attorney General withdrew his objection to the filing of a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers by six east Tennessee District Attorneys General.  Appearing in a Circuit Court Courtroom in Campbell County, District Attorneys General Jared Effler, Jimmy Dunn, Charme Allen, and Russell Johnson learned the state would not follow through with its opposition to the suit, which was filed on behalf of residents of the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th  Judicial Districts.  In the case, the DAGs are seeking to hold drug manufacturers responsible for the devastation the opioid epidemic has created in rural east Tennessee.

“I greatly appreciate the Attorney General’s willingness to work with fellow District Attorneys and myself as we attempt to stop the flow of illegal opioids into our communities, General Effler said.  Effler called the decision a major victory in the case.  “My goal is to make our communities a safer place to work, worship, and raise our families, and today’s victory is a major step towards that end,” he added.

On March 16, 2018, the state filed paperwork indicating it would intervene in the case; citing state law that prohibited District Attorneys General from hiring outside counsel to represent them.  On Tuesday, a representative from General Herbert Slatery’s office entered an order that the state was backing down.  In return, the District Attorneys General reportedly agreed to not legally obligate the state to its suit.