Convicted Sex Offender that sent Suicidal Pix Booked on Firearm Possession Charge

Huntsville, TN (2018-04-10) A convicted sex offender that allegedly sent his wife suicidal pictures has been booked on firearm possession and evading arrest charges.  The suspect eluded capture for days but was later found hiding in a closet at his girlfriend’s house.

Darrell Lawson

Darrell Lawson, 46, of Huntsville was arrested at his girlfriend’s house last Saturday morning after authorities say he sent his wife suicidal pictures of him with a gun barrel in his mouth.  On March 26, 2018, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office was reportedly dispatched to Lawson’s Buffalo Church Road home on a domestic dispute call.  According to an arrest warrant written by Deputy Keith Hawkins, Lawson had sent his wife disturbing pictures of him holding a gun barrel in his mouth and had told her he was going to kill himself.  The photos were reportedly the outcome of a physical altercation between the couple, which led to his wife leaving the residence.

When officers arrived, they entered the couple’s home, but Lawson wasn’t there.  Authorities soon learned that Lawson owned at least two guns, a .223 caliber rifle and 30-06 rifle—guns typically used for big game hunting.  Authorities say Lawson was a felon, who was convicted of statutory rape in 2002.  Since that conviction, Lawson had also been convicted of violating the conditions of his probation and violating the sexual offender registration law (2005).

Given the evidence, authorities issued a warrant for Lawson’s arrest.  On Saturday morning, deputies Joe Byrge and Shane Blevins reportedly located Lawson at this girlfriend’s house on Fordham Road in Robbins.  Authorities say the woman, identified as Brandi Gunter, lied to them about Lawson—reportedly admitting he had been there earlier, but wasn’t there at the time of their visit.  Gunter gave officers permission to search her home.  Authorities say they found Lawson hiding in her bedroom closet.

Lawson was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and evading arrest.