Williams Creek Resident Charged with Meth Possession

Oneida, TN (2018-04-09) A Williams Creek man is facing drug charges after authorities say he was involved in trafficking narcotics.

Clyde W. Henson

Clyde W. Henson, 43, of Oneida was arrested on Sunday following a joint effort by the 8th Judicial District Task Force, the Oneida Police Department, and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.   According to an arrest warrant written by K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers of the Oneida Police Department, Henson was the subject of an investigation by the trio into illegal drug sales.

Authorities say that Henson had a pill bottle containing about two grams of meth in his pickup, along with a set of scales in his house.

Henson was charged with possession of meth, a schedule II controlled substance.