Oneida Man Violates Order of Protection, Runs from the Police

Oneida, TN (2018-04-09) An Oneida man that was recently arrested on domestic assault charges has been arrested for violating an order of protection taken out by the victim and trying to run from the police.

Jesse D. Perry

Jesse D. Perry, 34, of Oneida was arrested last week after authorities say he violated an order of protection and returned to the Stanley Street residence of a woman he allegedly battered five days earlier.  The following day, Perry was seen by authorities entering the trailer park and allegedly bailed out of his moving vehicle and hid under another trailer in the mobile home park trying to avoid arrest.

Authorities say Perry had allegedly been on the property several times since being served an order of protection on March 31, 2018—the day he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend causing multiple bruises on her arms and legs.  The victim reportedly told authorities that Perry had hit her, choked her, and dragged her around by her hair.

Perry was reportedly seen by the owner of the trailer park on the victim’s porch around 3:24 a.m. Wednesday morning.  By the time cops arrived, Perry had disappeared.  The landowner, identified as Wayne Slaven, told authorities he had repaired the back door of the victim’s rental several times because the defendant had tried to kick it down and break in on the victim.

The following day, Sgt. Steve Trammell of the Oneida Police Department reportedly observed Perry driving in the trailer park.  When Perry saw Trammell, he reportedly bailed out of his moving truck and ran.  K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers responded to the scene, and reportedly found a muddy boot print leading under another nearby trailer.  Oneida canine Karma was deployed, and Perry was reportedly found under the trailer.

Authorities say a passenger in Perry’s truck, identified as Brad Fry, had to stop the moving vehicle after Perry bailed out.

Perry has been charged with violation of an order of protection, vandalism, and evading arrest.