Police: Suspect Drank Stolen Beer Inside Store, Dropped Frozen Burrito on his way out

Oneida, TN (2018-04-09) A beer and a burrito turned into a trip to jail for an Oneida man who allegedly didn’t pay for the goods before leaving the store.

Corbin S. Crowley

Corbin S. Crowley, 23, of Oneida was jailed on Friday following an investigation into an alleged theft at the Walmart SuperCenter in Oneida in February.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Agent Bill Miller of the Oneida Police Department, Crowley allegedly walked into the local Walmart on February 19, 2018 and grabbed a beer.  Authorities say Crowley proceeded to drink the beer inside the store, and then grabbed a frozen burrito.  Crowley reportedly left the store, dropping the burrito on his way out.

Due to a prior incident, Walmart reportedly had an active trespass warrant against Crowley.

He was charged with theft of under $1,000 and criminal trespassing.