Lafollette Man Accused of Making Fraudulent Returns to local Walmart

Oneida, TN (2018-03-13) A Lafollette man is facing criminal charges after authorities say he concocted a scheme to defraud Walmart by taking items from the store’s shelves and then attempting to return them.

Jason A. Hall

Jason A. Hall, 36, of Lafollette was booked into the Scott County Jail last week following an investigation by the Oneida Police Department into a pair of thefts at the local Walmart in January.  According to an arrest warrant written by Patrolman David Stephens, Hall allegedly tried to return an automotive battery charger to Walmart in Oneida on two separate occasions; the only problem—he didn’t own it.

Authorities say Hall entered the local Walmart on January 15, 2018, and proceeded to the automotive department, where he selected a 200-amp battery charger.  Hall is then accused of taking the item to the service desk, where he ‘returned’ it with a receipt from a Knoxville-area store.

Three days later, authorities say Hall returned to Oneida.  This time, Hall is accused of attempting to repeat his crime, but with a receipt from a different store.  Hall reportedly had a receipt from the store in Clinton; however, it had already been tied to a return at the store in Jacksboro a day earlier.  While employees didn’t process his ‘return’, Hall is accused of carting the item out of the store, along with a car stereo he had taken earlier.  Prior to approaching the service desk, Hall is accused of picking up a car stereo from the shelf and then taking it into the men’s restroom.  There, authorities say Hall took the stereo out of its packaging and exited the restroom.  After Hall left, store employees reportedly found the packaging inside.

Upon further investigation, Oneida authorities learned that Hall had been associated with four prior cases, including a recent incident at Walmart in Jacksboro.  In that case, Hall was likewise accused of attempting to swindle the store by making a fraudulent return of a welding hood.  Because of the prior incidents, Hall was reportedly forbidden from being on Walmart property.

Hall was booked on charges of theft of less than $1,000, criminal simulation, and criminal trespassing.