Brothers-In-Law Booked on Domestic Assault Charges

Huntsville, TN (2018-03-07) A family feud between brothers-in-law has resulted in domestic assault charges against each of them.

Timber K. Yancey

Timber K. Yancey, 18, of Oneida and Steven Coil, Jr., 35, of Helenwood were booked into the Scott County Jail Tuesday night following an altercation at Coil’s residence in Helenwood.  According to a warrant penned by Deputy Gordon Byrd of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, the pair got into a physical altercation after Yancey went to Coil’s home on Hunter Street and started collecting items from the property to haul away.  Coil, who only rents the property, confronted Yancey, leading to a fight between the two.

Steven Coil, Jr.

Authorities say Coil hit Yancey on the left side of his face with an auto jack.  In return, Yancey allegedly stabbed Coil in the back with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Both were charged with simple domestic assault.