Morgan County Man That Enters Police Station While Under the Influence of Drugs Arrested

Oneida, TN (2018-02-12) A Morgan County man that allegedly walked into the Oneida Police Station while under the influence of marijuana and prescription medication; and then, attempted to flee has been booked on drug charges.  His female companion that drove him there has also been arrested.

Matthew S. Shannon

Matthew S. Shannon, 31, of Sunbright was booked into the Scott County Jail Friday afternoon after authorities say he walked into the lobby of the Oneida Municipal Building while under the influence of a mix of marijuana and prescription medication.  According to an arrest warrant written by Patrolman David L. Stephens, authorities first thought Shannon needed emergency medical help, but later learned his condition was self-inflicted.

After noticing he appeared to be falling asleep while standing in the lobby of the Oneida Municipal Building, officers approached Shannon, who told them he didn’t feel well and needed to go outside.  Once he exited the building, authorities say Shannon attempted to flee on foot, but was captured by officers.  Once detained, authorities say Shannon blurted out he was under the influence of a mix of marijuana and Xanax, which he had taken prior to arriving at the police station.

Katie Dazey

While its unclear why Shannon was at the police station, his female companion that reportedly dropped him of there was also arrested.  Katie C. Dazey, 30, also of Sunbright, was detained by authorities as she attempted to leave the parking lot.  Dazey reportedly failed a battery of field sobriety tests.  Authorities say they recovered a bottle containing 33 Alprazolam tablets, which Dazey had hidden inside her.  In addition, authorities also reportedly confiscated 84 Xanax bars, 3.3 grams of marijuana, rolling papers, a marijuana grinder, a set of digital scales, and nearly $2,000 from her 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Shannon was charged with possession of schedule IV and VI controlled substances for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

Dazey was booked on charges of possession of schedule IV and VI controlled substances, driving on suspended license, and driving under the influence.