Lumber King earns Judge’s Choice Award during 69th Annual Christmas Parade

Oneida, TN (2017-12-02) Lumber King bested a field of 18 floats in the Annual Scott County Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade, earning the elite Judge’s Choice Award.  Last Saturday’s event was one of, if not, the largest parades in the event’s 69-year history.

Judge’s Choice Award Winner – Santa’s Workshop by Lumber King (Source: Facebook)

A replica of Santa’s Workshop, complete with towering building blocks, custom, original wooden toys, and more caught the eye of judges at the 69th Annual Scott County Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade—earning Lumber King the coveted Judge’s Choice Award.  In all, 18 floats were entered into this year’s parade, the most in modern history.  With more than 80 registered entries, involving more than 100 moving pieces, this year’s parade was believed to be one of, if not, the largest in history.

Judges boarded a train to the North Pole, and awarded The Polar Express, a replica of the train seen in the 2004 Christmas musical fantasy film, first place in the traditional category.   The float featured the craftmanship of Tim and Zena Owens.  Second place in the traditional category went to South Fork Physical Therapy.  The entry by Scott and Allison Gilbert and their staff was titled, ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ and featured costumed, dancing Christmas trees. Another train likewise caught the eye of judges, as Thomas the Train, a large-scale replica of the famous, loveable train traveled from the Island of Sodor to celebrate Christmas with the children of Scott County.  Thomas the Train was presented by Jellico Community Hospital.

Scott Appalachian Industries earned the top spot in the special category for their entry, ‘A Troll Christmas’, which featured a beautifully decorated troll village.  Scott County’s newest medical practice, Fast Pace Urgent Care Clinic, earned second place in the category.  Stanley Building was named third in the special category for their entry, ‘Super Heroes Save Christmas’.  Family and friends of young Joseph Martin teamed up to make his Christmas dreams come true—as super heroes from Spiderman and Batman and Robin to the Green Arrow and Flash joined forces to rid the city of thieves.

‘A Jesus Story’, a float entered by the New Light Baptist Church, was named the best of the religious category.  The church’s entry depicted Jesus walking on the water, and Peter walking out to him.  As he becomes distracted by the raging storm, Peter begins to sink into the water; however, Jesus reaches down and saves him.  Salem United Baptist Church took second place in the category with their entry, ‘Judgement Day’—which pondered the question, on Judgement Day will you be in heaven or hell?

The Scott County Chamber of Commerce host the annual Christmas Parade on the first Saturday in December each year.