Robbins Man Booked on Drug Dealing Charges

Oneida, TN (2017-11-27) Suspicious behavior exhibited by a Robbins man led customers of a local fast food restaurant to call the authorities.  He was reportedly found in possession of painkillers, which authorities say he had been selling.

Richard Franklin Voiles, 45, of Robbins was booked into the Scott County Jail Saturday, after authorities reportedly found him at McDonald’s in possession of the powerful painkiller, Percocet.  According to a report filed by Agent Bill Miller of the Oneida Police Department, Voiles allegedly had been selling the pills.

Authorities say that Voiles text messages revealed he had been discussing the buying and selling of narcotics.  While being questioned, authorities say Voiles’ cell phone repeatedly rang.  After he was allowed to answer it, Voiles reportedly told the caller he was “out”.  The female caller reportedly became irate and hung up.  She then reportedly texted Voiles, saying it was wrong of him to “let her drive all the way up here just for him to tell her he was out (of pills).”

Voiles was charged with possession of Percocet, a schedule II controlled substance for resale.