Campbell County Man Charged with Domestic Assault Following Dispute at Bandy Creek Campground

Huntsville, TN (2017-10-17) A Campbell County man that got into a domestic dispute at Bandy Creek Campground has been jailed on assault, disorderly conduct, and vandalism charges.

Adam C. Ivey

Adam C. Ivey, 33, of Caryville was booked into the Scott County Jail early Sunday morning, after authorities say he got into an altercation with his wife and father-in-law at the Bandy Creek Campground in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.  According to a warrant written by Deputy Keith Hawkins of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Ivey is accused of physically striking both his wife and father-in-law, then crashing his truck into a tree.  Authorities say he then returned to the campsite and fought with his father-in-law again, before his father-in-law subdued him.  Ivey then reportedly sought refuge in the couple’s tent.

The Sheriff’s Office received more than one complaint from campers, who reported an ongoing domestic dispute.  During one of those calls, a female was reportedly overheard saying, “Don’t shoot!”.  The father-in-law told authorities Ivey had a pistol in the tent.

Ranger Lauren Kopplin of the National Park Service was dispatched to the scene, along with Captain Dennis Chambers and Deputy Hawkins of the Sheriff’s Office.  When they arrived, authorities say the suspect’s father-in-law was standing in the roadway—covered in blood.  His daughter was standing next to him.

Ivey was found inside the couple’s tent.  When ordered by authorities to exit, he complied and was taken into custody without incident.

Authorities say that an intoxicated Ivey slapped his wife, then turned on her father when he stepped in to stop him.  Ivey is accused of striking his father-in-law twice, then getting into his truck and attempting to drive off.  Ivey reportedly struck an electrical connection box, and then crashed his truck into a tree.

Ivey was charged with domestic assault, assault, disorderly conduct and vandalism.