Helenwood Man Charged with attempting to break into pawn shop

Huntsville, TN (2017-10-16) A Helenwood man is facing burglary, attempted burglary and a host of other charges after authorities thwarted an attempted break-in at a pawn shop in Helenwood.

Kevin S. Perkins

Kevin S. Perkins, 41, of Helenwood was arrested last Tuesday by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, after they say he was the person responsible for the attempted break-in at Mid-County Pawn Shop in Helenwood.  According to a warrant written by Deputy Keith Hawkins, he was responding to a burglar alarm at Mid-County Pawn, when he observed Perkins attempting to pull open the door.  After seeing Hawkins’ truck, Perkins reportedly bolted and hid.  Hawkins, along with Deputies Dalton Walden and Tyler Johnson, searched the area, ultimately finding Perkins inside a U-Haul trailer on the site.

When deputies attempted to take Perkins into custody, he allegedly resisted.  Authorities say they had to ‘taze’ him before he complied.

When Perkins was detained, authorities say he had parts of a radio in his hand and the pocket of his jeans.  Surveillance video from the store allegedly showed Perkins breaking into a Jeep in the parking lot.  Upon further investigation, authorities learned the radio had been ripped out of the vehicle.

While authorities watched the surveillance video, Perkins was placed in the back of a patrol car.  While there, authorities say he emptied his pockets and stuffed the radio parts into the voids around the seat belt latches in the back seat.  Ultimately, authorities had to remove the back seat of the car to retrieve the evidence.  They also reportedly found a Suboxone strip in Perkins’ wallet.

Perkins was charged with attempted burglary, auto burglary, criminal trespassing, evading arrest, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, and possession of a schedule III controlled substance (Suboxone).