Oneida Man Facing Sexual Battery Charge

Oneida, TN (2017-10-09) An Oneida man that allegedly made unwanted advances toward one of his neighbors has been booked on sexual assault charges.

John W. Rodgers, 49, of Oneida was arrested Saturday night after authorities say he entered a motel room occupied by a female acquaintance and made unwanted advances toward her.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Sgt. Michael Blaker of the Oneida Police Department, the victim had lived next to and known Rodgers prior to the incident.  Rodgers is accused of going into the victim’s room at the Oneida Family Motel, and forcing himself on her.  The victim refused his advances, and reportedly told him to stop.  She claimed Rodgers eventually heeded her pleas, and returned to his room.

The victim, and her female roommate, had reportedly had an altercation with Rodgers the day before the alleged assault.  Authorities say the two women had attempted to resolve the issue, and the trio had had breakfast together the day of the assault.  The alleged attack occurred after the victim’s friend left the motel to go to the store.

The victim told authorities that she had spent time with Rodgers in the past, and he had made similar advances, but he had always stopped when she told him she was not interested in him.  Rodgers allegedly had provided the victim alcohol in the past.

Rodgers was charged with sexual assault and aggravated assault.