Oneida Man Accused of Striking People, Pet with Wheelchair

Oneida, TN (2017-10-09) An Oneida man is accused of striking multiple people and a family pet with his wheelchair in the parking lot of an Oneida motel.  After the incident, authorities say the intoxicated man also ran over a dog belonging to one of the patrons.

Randal “Randy” J. West, 53, of Oneida has been charged with assault following a altercation last Thursday at the Oneida Family Motel, after witnesses say he struck one or more persons and a dog with his motorized wheelchair.  According to a warrant filed by Officer David L. Stephens, West is accused of striking at least three people with his wheelchair in the parking lot of the Oneida Family Motel.  After hitting one of the victims, West is also accused of striking him on the shoulder and forehead with his fist; resulting in a laceration to his shoulder.  One of the victims was transported from the scene by ambulance for a possible fractured leg.

West is also accused of chasing down and running over a medium-sized dog belonging to one of the victims.  Stephens noted in his report that the dog had a laceration on one of its rear legs.

Prior to striking the victims, West allegedly was yelling and swearing at the group gathered in the parking lot of the motel.  One of the victims was reportedly the father of a juvenile female, who was asking West to leave.

Authorities say West was highly intoxicated at the time of the incident.  According to the warrant, West had slurred speech and smelled strongly of alcohol.  He reportedly admitted to authorities he had consumed a large quantity of alcohol the day of the attack.

As officers attempted to detain him, West reportedly began swinging at them.  He also allegedly threatened one officer on the scene, proclaiming “he would blow his brains out”.

Authorities say the motorized wheelchair used by West weighed around 500 lbs.

West was charged with aggravated assault (three counts), aggravated cruelty to an animal, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.