Trio Booked on Drug Charges

Oneida, TN (2017-08-23) A quick stop for gas resulted in drug charges against three persons Sunday night in Oneida.

Carles B. Green, 33, of Winfield, and Krista R. Stanley, 28, and Nicholas K. Bowling, 18, both of Robbins, were booked into the Scott County Jail Sunday night on drug charges following a traffic stop in Oneida.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Patrolman Dustin Laxton, Green pulled up to the fuel pumps at the Big Orange Country Store in Oneida shortly before 10:00 p.m. Sunday night.  Authorities say Bowling then got behind the wheel and attempted to drive away with the pump nozzle still attached to the vehicle.

According to authorities, Green was driving on revoked license, which led him to urge Bowling to get in the driver’s seat after he spotted Laxton in the parking lot.  Green and Stanley then reportedly went inside the store, but quickly returned to the vehicle.  In the trio’s haste to leave, Bowling reportedly pulled away from the pump with the nozzle still inside the filler tube.

Laxton stopped the vehicle in the parking lot.  A subsequent search of the vehicle reportedly uncovered a syringe, a Percocet tablet, four Clindamycin tablets, and a clear container with a powdery substance.

Green was charged with driving on revoked license, possession of a legend drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Stanley was booked on charges of possession of a schedule II controlled substance (Percocet), possession of a legend drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Bowling was charged with possession of Percocet and possession of drug paraphernalia.