Vivian Smith Countywide Clean Up Saturday

Huntsville, TN (2017-04-18) The annual Vivian Smith Countywide Clean Up will be held in Scott County on Saturday.  Hundreds of volunteers are expected to scour the ditch lines in an effort to remove unsightly trash from our roads and highways.

On Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., hundreds of Scott County residents are expected to turn out for the annual countywide cleanup.  The yearly effort to Spring clean the county’s streets and highways was first championed by the event’s namesake, Vivian Smith.  Smith, who once served as the county’s Solid Waste Director, wanted to get the community involved in litter prevention through the awareness program.

Litter impacts our lives and livelihood in many ways.  Most obvious is roadway safety, as litter is a hazard to drivers, and also presents a danger to road crews mowing rights-of-way.  Litter also affects the health of the environment.  Paper, plastic, and aluminum pose a threat to wildlife, soil, and water quality.  An estimated 18% of litter ends up in streams and waterways.  Accumulated trash results in serious environmental contamination and can cause drainage blockages that create hazardous flooding conditions.

Litter also can affect the community’s image.  Litter can send an unintentional message that citizens do not care about their community, which could foster other criminal activity endangering public safety and property values.

Litter can affect potential income from tourism, and jobs associated with industry and business recruitment.  As a tourism-friendly county, litter detracts from the scenic beauty of the area, which can have negative financial consequences for private enterprises and the county.  A community with excessive litter may also have a more difficult time recruiting new business and industry.

If you would like to help improve our litter problem, you can join Scott County Government, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Scott County Litter/Recycling Program, and local leaders on Saturday.  Volunteers may register to volunteer at a location near their home.  Sign-up sites include:  Fairview Elementary, Robbins Elementary, Scott County Office Building, Helenwood Baptist Church, Pine Hill Community Center, Winfield City Hall, Oneida High School, and Burchfield Elementary.  Registration begins at 8:45 a.m.

A cookout for volunteers will be held at the Scott County Office Building following the clean up.