BSF NRRA to Welcome New United States Citizens during National Park Week

Oneida, TN (2017-04-17) The National Park Service and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service will partner to hold a naturalization ceremony for new United States citizens on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. at Bandy Creek Visitor Center.  The public is invited to witness this stirring ceremony.

“National Park Week is a celebration of America’s national heritage. And national parks preserve the stories and natural and cultural wonders of this great nation,” said Superintendent Niki Stephanie Nicholas.  “Welcoming new citizens in such a special place is suitable to their inspirational journeys, qualities, and characters,” she added.

Senior Judge Thomas W. Phillips of Oneida will preside.  Students from Oneida Elementary School will be leading the Pledge of Allegiance with Natalie Cross from Oneida singing the national anthem.  The United States Marine Corps will provide the presentation of colors.

Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act.  Naturalization ceremonies are a formal court proceeding in which foreign citizens or nationals are sworn in as U.S. citizens and receive their Certificate of Naturalization.