8th Judicial District Participates in Domestic Violence Victim Witness Coordinator Training

Nashville, TN (2017-03-18) Fifteen domestic violence victim witness coordinators, who will work with domestic violence victims across the state, recently completed training focused on ways to recognize the signs of domestic violence, how domestic violence cases are prosecuted and how to keep victims safe.

Domestic Violence Victim Witness Coordinator Training

“Victims of domestic violence are often ashamed or frightened to come forward,” said 8th District Attorney General Jared Effler. “Our hope is that, as our communities see what is being done to strengthen Tennessee’s support systems for domestic abuse victims, those victims will be more confident in making their voices heard,” Effler added.

The training, hosted by the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference, was also completed by seven Assistant District Attorneys who prosecute domestic violence cases, and included a panel discussion.

“The training this group received is a newly designed model,” General Effler said. “It was created specifically for coordinators who will be working with domestic abuse victims. This group was the first to receive the training, and I’m proud to say that Jessica Cain, who serves us here in the 8th District, participated,” he concluded.

The coordinators and the training are funded by a grant from the Office of Criminal Justice programs. The goal of the victim witness coordinators and the training is to ensure that, as domestic violence victims come forward, they are quickly connected with a professional who is able to offer the necessary support.

If you know a victim of domestic violence, please visit http://tndagc.org/ to find the best contact.