State Tentatively Approves Hospital License Reactivation

Nashville, TN (2017-02-08) Rennova Health, Inc., has successfully navigated the first step in reopening the former Scott County Hospital.

On Wednesday morning, the Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities of the State of Tennessee approved a request by Scott County Community Hospital, Inc., a local subsidiary of Rennova Health, to reactivate the license on the former Scott County Hospital.  As approved, the newly-minted Big South Fork Medical Center could open as early as April 1, 2017; however, the exact date has not yet been determined.

The reactivation of the operating license is contingent upon completion of surveys of the facility by the State.  Provided those surveys do not show any life safety issues, the hospital will be allowed to open. “If the State is satisfied that no significant deficiencies exist that rise to the level of being dangerous to patients, the hospital can reopen,” commented County Attorney John Beaty.  Minor deficiencies would not prevent the reopening, provided an acceptable plan of corrective action was in place.

“It’s was a very positive meeting that yielded good results,” commented hospital administrator Tony Taylor.  The board reportedly quizzed representatives about the company and its plans for the facility, but largely appeared satisfied with the responses and realized the importance of having hospital-level care in the community.

Wednesday’s meeting was an important milestone for Rennova, but much work remains before the facility can reopen.  Equally important for the successful launch of the facility is the acquisition of a new CMS certification number from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which will allow the hospital to bill those patients for services.  In the past, those patients represented a disproportionally large percentage of the hospital’s patient base.  Accreditation, contract negotiations with insurance providers, compliance and other licensure issues must also be addressed.

With these and other issues still pressing, the official date for reopening the facility has not been announced.