Crowley Resigns Seat On Huntsville City Council

Huntsville, TN (2011-07-26) In a surprise move, a long-time Huntsville alderman abruptly tendered her resignation Monday night.

Sharra R. Crowley, who has been on the Huntsville City Council for 14 years, tendered her informal resignation to the Huntsville City Council Monday night.  Crowley, who briefly addressed the panel at the end of Monday night’s regularly scheduled meeting, expressed her deep appreciation to the citizens of the Town who had pledged their faith in her; however, at this time, she felt she was unable to fulfill her obligations to the Town and its citizens.

Despite an appeal by fellow Alderman and Vice-Mayor Mark Love she reconsider, Crowley, after her request for the Board to accept her resignation fell on deaf eyes, made the motion to accept her own resignation.  Mayor Potter, after clarifying her position, seconded the motion, which ultimately passed 4-0 with Alderman Charles (Buster) Sexton absent.

While not stating it publically, Crowley was reportedly dissatisfied with recent actions by other members of the Council regarding expenditures at the Fireman’s Fourth of July festival.

Crowley was first-elected to the Huntsville City Council in June 1993.  Subsequently, she was re-elected in 1996 and 1998, serving two additional, two-year terms.  In 2000, she chose not to run for re-election and remained off the Board until 2004.  In that year, Crowley ran was elected again.  She was re-elected in 2006 and 2008.  In 2008, Huntsville amended its charter to make all elected positions four-year terms.  Crowley’s current term would have expired in November 2012.

Crowley is the second person to resign from the Council since the 2008 election.  First-term Alderman Steven Posey resigned last year.  Posey was replaced by Kris Lewallen, who was appointed to the vacant seat in January.