Liquor By The Drink Turned Down; Cecil Winfield’s New Mayor

Huntsville, TN (2010-11-02) Voters in the Town of Huntsville again rejected a referendum that would have allowed the sale of liquor by the drink inside the small municipality.  Virgil David Cecil, who currently is the Vice-Mayor of Winfield, has been elected Mayor of the town.

For the third consecutive time, the voters of the Town of Huntsville have rejected a bid by local businessmen to serve liquor by the drink inside the small municipality.  On Tuesday, a referendum that would have allowed the legal sale of alcohol by the drink failed by a narrow 10-vote margin, 194 to 184.  In November 2006, the last time the liquor question was on the ballot in Huntsville, the issue failed by 16 votes, 219 to 203.  Two years earlier, the question was narrowly subjugated in Huntsville, 260 to 239.

In Winfield, voters selected a new mayor and two new aldermen.  Virgil David Cecil, who is currently vice-mayor of the town, was put into the Town’s top seat Tuesday, outpolling former Mayor Bob Strunk, 143 to 118.  Cecil will fill the seat left vacant by Mayor Kenneth L. (Kenny) Burchfield, who chose not to seek re-election to the office.

Kelvin King, a political newcomer, and Chad Jones, who was narrowly defeated in his re-election bid in 2006, were placed on the Town’s Board of Aldermen.  King tallied the most votes in Tuesday’s election, 148, while Jones garnered 144.  Former Aldermen Joe Stephens finished third with 134, while Jeffery B. King tallied 36.  (Kelvin) King and Jones will assume the seat vacated by long-time Alderman Verscle (Bert) Burchfield and John Sexton, who likewise chose not to seek re-election.

Since Cecil was elected Mayor, the city council will be responsible for appointing his replacement on the board.  The person selected will fill Cecil’s unexpired term, which will end in November 2012.

In the first district, Ralph E. Mason was chosen to fill the Constable position vacated by David (Blue) Day, who resigned after being elected to the Scott County Commission.  Mason received 284 (or 49%) of the vote, while Bruce Silcox finished second with 170.  Ben Potter and Jennie Green finished third and fourth, receiving 77 and 45 votes respectively.

A total of 4,862 persons (or 32.11% of the county’s registered voters) cast ballots in Tuesday’s election, including 2,346 persons who took advantage of the state’s 14-day early voting period.

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