Sex Offender’s Use of Social Networking Site Violates His Parole

Huntsville, TN (2009-12-21) A convicted sex offender’s use of a social networking site to contact at least four children under the age of 18 has landed him in jail.

Jay Homer Chambers, 46, of Helenwood was arrested last week by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly violating the conditions of his parole.  Chambers is currently in the Scott County Jail, being held under a $250,000 bond.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Detective Ricky L. Jeffers, Chambers, who was convicted of rape in 1999, had reportedly been in contact with at least four minor children, all under eight years of age.  While Chambers had allegedly had personal contact with the children up to two times per week in recent months; his use of the social networking site, MySpace, also violated the conditions of his parole.

In the warrant, Jeffers alleged that Chambers had created an active MySpace page.  On the social networking site, Chambers had allegedly added at least four persons under the age of 18 to his “friends list” and was having electronic contact with those juveniles.

While sex offenders are not explicitly prohibited from having a social networking account, they are reportedly required to provide information regarding such activity, including all user names and identities to their parole officer.

Jeffers alleged, “(Chambers) did not, within 48 hours, provide his registration officer with a complete list of electronic user names or identities used for Internet connections.”

Per his rape conviction, Chambers must report his information to the State for life.

Chambers was charged with violation of the sexual offender law and violation of community supervision for life (six counts).